iPad & iPhone Integration in Your Organization

The iPad is a revolutionary business and educational tool that gathers your important documents and applications at your fingertips. Powerful apps help improve productivity and inspire creativity, all in a device that weighs the same as a hardcover novel.

The FullTech Advantage:

FullTech Systems has a proven track record in managing the deployment of iOS devices, from corporate boardrooms to elementary school classrooms. FullTech consultants are Apple-vetted, certified and awarded Apple’s Mobility Technical Competency for demonstrable enterprise experience in iOS devices deployment and management.

This real-world experience means FullTech is your partner for rapid, successful deployment of iOS devices in your organization.

How FullTech can help:

icon_tech_assess70pxTechnology Assessment

We’ll examine your existing technology infrastructure to plan the fastest, and most suitable iPad/iPhone deployment and management strategy.

icon_it_coord70pxCo-ordination With Existing IT

With our experience with both Apple technologies and traditional IT infrastructure, FullTech Systems can advise or work directly with your IT staff. iOS devices adhere to strict security standards and can be configured with different levels of security and convenience for your users. We can assist in choosing the best combination of security measures to suit your needs.

iOS Deployment

FullTech can integrate your iOS devices into existing infrastructure, seamlessly and securely. From connecting to your Microsoft Exchange or Google Apps email using ActiveSync technology to sharing files and collaborating, we’ll ensure the experience for you and your users is hassle free.

Custom Workflow Design

FullTech can work with your company or school to design and document workflows that maximize return on investment, minimize workload, or enhance educational opportunities. And with our strategic industry partnerships, we can ensure your staff receive the right training to take full advantage of your new system.

Ongoing support

We’ll deliver value well beyond the technology implementation by supporting you in your transition and beyond.

Contact us now for more information on how you can take advantage of iPads and iPhones in your organization.

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