Wireless Networking & Security

Planning for today’s wireless networks is much different than even just three years ago. Today, employees, students and customers use multiple devices for work and play. You’ll need a wireless network that has the bandwidth and capacity to support today’s modern computing trends and ensures the most productive user experience possible.

Experience in Wi-Fi Network Design

FullTech is on the cutting edge of wireless network design and deployment. We offer unique expertise when planning for complicated environments, such as education, hospitality, retail, and manufacturing.

As Cisco Meraki Elevate Partners, FullTech can sell, configure and deploy the most modern, cloud-based infrastructure for networking and systems management.

Highlights include:

  • Prioritizing mission-critical applications like VoIP and throttling or blocking recreational application such as YouTube or P2P file sharing
  • High-density Wi-Fi networks that can accommodate mobile devices in high traffic areas
  • Deep integration with Cisco Meraki and Facebook provides integrated Wi-Fi access using your company’s Facebook page
  • Presence Analytics allows you to track visitor traffic trends, employee dwell time and new vs. repeat visitor loyalty across multiple sites

Security Considerations

With the ever-increasing proliferation of wireless devices accessing your network, you need to ensure the highest level of security to prevent outside access to sensitive information. Using sophisticated new hardware, FullTech can constantly scan and contain rogue wireless devices and networking equipment. Coupled with a robust monitoring infrastructure we can alert you to security-related events and inform you when any threats have been neutralized.

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